Investing sustainably

Climate change and scarcity of resources are global change drivers. By investing sustainably, private investors are directing their own money specifically at companies which are making a valuable contribution towards overcoming these challenges.

Range of sustainable funds

Swisscanto has been offering sustainable funds since 1998. Our range of sustainable funds includes a clearly structured set of fund products. Our concept of funds takes into account the different attitudes of risk investors have. We either offer more security or a stronger capital growth.

Defined investment universe

Swisscanto has defined areas and sectors where our sustainable funds will not invest. First and foremost, we exclude company activities which are problematic from an ecological and social perspective. So, for example, we do not buy shares in companies producing weapons or running nuclear power plants.

Swisscanto's investment philosophy

Whatever investment we choose we take care that companies and debt issuers are leaders in their respective areas ("Best in class approach"), We observe their social and ecological responsibilities and at the same time attach great importance to opportunities offering good returns.

Guidelines and collaborations

Swisscanto sustainable funds apply the European SRI (Socially Responsible Investments) Transparency Code. The European Sustainable and Responsible Investment Forum (Eurosif) has developed unique requirements which must be met in order to qualify a fund as sustainable. Our investment processes and, above all, our research-driven investment management are traceable.

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